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Current Service Listing:

RESGcompanies believes that service is an act of assistance and benefit to its clients.
Our goal is to provide our clients with the most up-to-date quantitative analysis available, in order to maximize after tax profits and wealth accumulation through real estate.

In every real estate investment assignment that we take on, we follow the following

1. Gather all the pertinent facts.
2. Sensitivity analysis of the various markets and their trends
3. Prepare a decision tree with the what-ifs that are listed below
4. Prepare an investment base analysis, which is an analysis that
projects the investor’s present equity in various what-ifs, to see
which what-if maximizes the investor’s return and greater profit
5. Prepare financial sensitivity analysis on all what-ifs
6. Recommend which what-if best serves the investor and an
approach to its implantation.

Our approach to our brokerage services sets us apart from the typical
brokerage service where the broker markets many listings simultaneously.

We believe to market real estate effectively that we should concentrate our
attention on a few assignments at a time and prepare that property for
marketing in a comprehensive method.

A complete Electronic Property Document PROFILE (PROFILE) is prepared
on the subject property so that a buyer will have all the available facts and
intricacies of the property necessary to make a quick decision.

We explore these What-Ifs 

Fee Ownership 
 • Hold in current state
• Sale Lease Back
• Sell Land and lease back
• Disposition: Auction vs Conventional Sale
• Investment Base Analysis
• Acquire or not to acquire
• Investment comparison 

Leased Property 
 • Sub lease
• Buy out lease
• Re-negotiate the lease continue leasing 
• Vacant Land 
• Highest and best use
• Disposition: Auction vs Conventional Sale
• 1031 Exchange
• Build for own use
• Develop
• Build to suit
• Lease land  

•  Acquisition financing
•  Refinance
•  Pay off mortgage
•  Securitized non recourse financing 

Site evaluation or acquisition
•  Confidential site acquisition
•  Site evaluation 

After discussing the various What-If options, we can implement the optimal choice or direct its implementation. 

What We Do 
1. We work with buyers and sellers to help them solve
    problems and generate maximum after tax profits
2. Take advantage of new opportunities
3. We carve out a winning strategy to changing marketplaces
4. We Like challenges...the tougher the better! 

• In-depth research
• Financial analysis
• Financial Sensitivity Analysis
• Market Segmentation 

• Comprehensive marketing plan
• Maximum Internet national exposure in a short time period
• National Database and network of real estate investors
• Establish contacts with leading REIT's, regional funds,
  and independent buyers 

• Effective marketing through the Internet 

•Negotiation without conflict
• "Win-Win" strategies to meet client needs
• Effective communications with client's advisors 

• Concluding purchase agreement
• Due diligence without frustration
• Successful closing of transactions 

Complex Transactions 
• Obtaining financing
• Environmental issues
•1031 Tax deferred exchanges
• Marketing difficult properties 

Challenge us..we'd like to do our best work for you!